Kiel protect

Permanent antimicrobial coating

AIRDAL® by KIEL is a 100% transparent, permanent, self-disinfecting and antimicrobial coating. Once applied it forms a long-lasting, wear resistant ultra thin layer of amorphous glass. The unique and innovative bactericidal and virucidal properties are proven by independant and accredited laboratories. In addition it prevents odours, the growth of mold, fungus and yeast. The driving technology won 2019 the prestigious German Innovation Award. AIRDAL® by KIEL protects nearly all kind of surfaces and makes cleaning easier. The antimicrobial effect verifiablelasts up to 12 months.

Airdal by Kiel


The treated surfaces are easier to clean. AIRDAL® by KIEL COATING also contains a unique GLIDE function - this means that the surfaces are protected from the usual signs of wear from sliding contact. The protective film not only permanently keeps bacteria, viruses and the like away, it also acts as a sealant on the treated surfaces.



After application, a layer of microscopic spikes forms to neutralize a microbial attack. Positively charged nitrogen molecules attract the negatively charged cell wall which, after contact with the spikes, leads to the destruction and decay of the germs.

Compared to the common chemical disinfectants, where microbes resettle on surfaces shortly after cleaning, germs on surfaces coated with AIRDAL® by KIEL are physically and permanently destroyed. The negatively charged cell walls of the pathogens are attracted to the positively charged coating, and are perforated upon contact with the spikes.