From straight wooden tram seats to multifunctional intercity travel seats: Kiel presents its innovative product portfolio at the InnoTrans 2016

Nördlingen, 20.09.2016 – Once again, Franz Kiel GmbH will be presenting its comprehensive range of rail transport seating solutions, conceived to satisfy all requirements, at this year's InnoTrans in Berlin on 20-23 September. One of the leading manufacturers of seating systems for commercial vehicles and public transport in Europe, the long-established company will be displaying many classic and new products for the regional, local and intercity travel segments at its modern, open exhibition stand. What they all share is a high level of quality, cost-effectiveness, individuality and safety combined with innovative ideas and attractive design, in the best-possible Kiel style.

Light, modern and variable – the new Lifeline

Among Kiel's persuasive new products is the Lifeline train seat, which is due to be launched to the public at the InnoTrans. This wonderfully elegant seat has a timeless design and completes Kiel's range of seats for underground and metro trains.
 A clear benefit of the Lifeline is its combination of cast aluminium parts and profiles. It is very light, yet robust and long-lasting, despite its metal structure. Naturally, the Lifeline seat also offers a high level of fire protection. Hand holds, handrail connectors and stand assists can be easily attached.  

The back-to-back screw mounting of the opposing seats is highly dirt-resistant, thanks to the additional aluminium profile.

A range of seat widths can be implemented, including seating for mothers with children.
 The modern lightweight construction (compliant with the new Euronorm Level EN 45545 to HL3 inclusive) ensures a high level of cost-effectiveness. Another advantage is the fact that the rear contour of the Lifeline matches that of the Centra seat, which means that the Lifeline can be used for refitting existing vehicles in line with the new EN45545.

Kiel will shortly be supplying the Lifeline for trains in Ulm, Munich and Potsdam.


Natural, hygienic and versatile: the new 'Basel'

This model is named after a large order from the Basler Verkehrsbetriebe, for which Kiel has designed a wooden seat that offers impressive performance. A total of 4,500 of these seats have already been installed in 60 trams in Basel.

The 'Basel' consists of a wooden hard shell seat with a minimalist design, fitted to a tubular frame support structure. It impresses with its clear lines, lightness and hygienic properties. It is also extremely easy to clean and well protected against vandalism and graffiti.

The width of the 'Basel' can be easily and individually adapted in line with customer requirements, and hand holds and rails can be mounted in a number of ways. Only folding designs are not possible with the 'Basel'. In terms of its optical appearance, this attractively designed wooden seat leaves nothing to be desired: individual customer requirements can be easily accommodated, thanks to the wide variety of colours and decors of the HPL panels used in the top layer of the 'Basel's' seat and backrest.


Self-supporting, light and adaptable: the new 'Wuppertal'

This model was specially developed in 2015 for the Wuppertal suspension railway and has meanwhile been delivered for the first of a total of 25 trains. This is the first time that the 'Wuppertal' is being presented as an integral part of the Kiel product range at the InnoTrans.

The seat consists of a self-supporting, weight-optimised wooden shell, available in versions with or without cushions in the seat and backrest. The 'Wuppertal' does not require an inner structure with tubular frame, which makes it very light.

Its width can be easily and cheaply adapted to the customer's requirements. Folding seats are also possible.

The use of HPL panels in the top layer of the seat and backrest results in a wide range of colours and decors that can also be adapted to individual customer requirements. If ordered with padding, a choice of cushion decor is also available.

This seat is easy to clean and offers a high level of protection against vandalism and graffiti.


Luxurious, comfortable and perfectly equipped: the redesigned Comfortline

The Comfortline was developed especially for use in intercity trains. It will be on display at the InnoTrans in a new design with new product features, whose options include an individual waste container, a seat indicator in Braille, and gangway lighting. The weight of the seat base has again been optimised and is now considerably lighter in the new version. 

All in all, the Comfortline is characterised by its sophisticated and highly modern design. Its ergonomic form, electronic seat tilt adjustment, innovative spring system and high-quality cushions ensure a very high seating comfort. The extra-wide headrest with large side sections provides protection against onlookers and creates privacy. The many variations and luxurious equipment options leave nothing to be desired and can be easily implemented thanks to the modular system employed.

There are currently 6,000 of these new Comfortline seats in daily use in trains in Poland.


Widened, practical and comfortable: the new Esos 500

The Esos 500 is the wider version of the popular Esos city bus and tram seat. Instead of the 'usual' 430 or 440 mm width, this new variant of the proven plastic shell seat is 500 mm wide, making it suitable for both the Russian and American markets. The new Esos 500 also satisfies the American NFPA 130 fire safety standard.

The modern and practical plastic shell seat is very sturdy, with seat and back cushion inserts and a fast-change system for the top materials. It lends itself to cantilever mounting and is even suitable for lateral and transverse installation.

The upper closure of the ESOS 500 is available with or without a handhold.

The total weight per double seat, including cantilever connection, is as low as 24 kg. The seat is naturally equipped with vandalism protection.
 The Esos 500 has already been supplied to the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) company, a local public transport operation that runs a combined underground/urban railway system connecting the major locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. The order volume comprises 25,000 seats, of which 1,000 have now been delivered.


Space-optimised and adapted to new fire safety regulations – the redesigned Match G2

Kiel has redesigned its time-tested regional model, the Match 2G. It retains its modern design, high level of comfort and high-quality equipment, while the backrest and seat components have been enhanced, with the foam taking on a more ergonomic shape. The new version of the Match 2G also has an adjustable seat and backrest. Moreover, a lower seat distance can be realised with the redesigned Match 2G, even though it complies with the regulations for people with disabilities. This means that more seats can be accommodated in the same space, which results in improved returns.  


Light, compact and cost-effective: the new Kiwi 
 The new Kiwi model is a compact, robust and light regional train seat that offers convincing functionality combined with a favourable price. The steel structure and back frame are integrated, and the seat covers can be changed quickly and easily. The Kiwi satisfies the most stringent fire safety standards, including the Russian GOST standard.


New seat occupancy system for trains 

In our increasingly interconnected world, in which virtually all information is accessible at a single click at any time, knowledge of passenger numbers and transport capacity utilisation is more than welcome – not only for operators but also for passengers. Which is why Kiel is now offering, in cooperation with the DILAX Group, a new seat occupancy recording system for trains. Using sensors, it records the current occupancy of each individual seat and passes the information by wireless connection to a central controller unit. This is connected via Ethernet to the train's on-board computer or other display system; it is then possible to display the current occupancy status on the railway platform or train entrance, for example. At the InnoTrans, Kiel will be presenting the innovative system in the dual seat Comfortline as well as the seats in the lounge area.


Open, bright exhibition stand that invites visitors to obtain information and stay a while


Franz Kiel GmbH presents itself at the InnoTrans with a newly designed exhibition stand: the four large white polyhedrons with a total size of 120 m2  are open and inviting and divide the space into separate zones for each product group:

  • Regional transport: Match, first generation
  • Local transport: Seats for trams and underground trains
  • Intercity transport: Comfortline and Match G2 (second generation), for first and second class respectively
  • Local transport: Groups of 4 seats



Franz Kiel GmbH can be found in Hall 1.1, Stand No. 223.


Further information about the company and models is available at www.kiel-sitze.de




About die Franz Kiel GmbH

Kiel is a leading manufacturer of seating systems for commercial vehicles and local, regional and intercity public bus and rail transport; it celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015. Kiel offers both overall seating systems and individual, customer-oriented seat solutions for special requirements. The Kiel brand stands for tradition and technical know-how combined with innovation and creativity. Kiel seats are characterised by their premium-quality, sophisticated engineering and modern design, satisfying the most stringent requirements in terms of safety and passenger comfort. The company's objective is to further increase safety and comfort for passengers with its first-class products and to show responsibility to the environment with its innovative developments and efficient production processes.  
 The company was founded in 1945 and is based in Nördlingen (Bavaria); it has worldwide operations and maintains sites in France, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain and the USA. Kiel has approximately 1000 employees across all of is sites. Franz Kiel GmbH is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and IRIS Rev. 02. Further information is available from www.kiel-sitze.de.


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