The right seat for every bus and every passenger: Franz Kiel GmbH presents classic and redesigned bus seats for all requirements at the IAA 2016

Nördlingen, 21.09.2016 – Once again, Franz Kiel GmbH will be presenting its comprehensive range of bus seating solutions at this year's IAA in Hannover on
22-29 September. The long-established company will be displaying both classic and extensively redesigned models for local (product line: 'City'), regional (product line: 'Intercity') and long-distance (product line 'Coach') transport.
For Kiel, it is of great importance that all of its models have a modern, brand-specific design with enhanced ergonomics. Kiel satisfies the all-important demand for cost-effectiveness by employing modern materials to maximise weight reduction. The trend towards digitalisation is reflected in the innovative equipment details.

Safe, versatile and ultra-lightweight for urban traffic: the Citos
 The Citos is a true all-rounder in city transport, and is equally at home in trams as it is in city buses. Originally launched at the IAA 2015, starting this year it is being produced with a variety of comfort levels:

 The basic version is the Citos 10 (comfort level 1), which has a plastic insert with no fabric cover. The Citos 20 (comfort level 2) has a fabric cover with no foam, while the Citos 30 (comfort level 3) has a 10 mm layer of foam in the backrest and 15 mm in the seat. This model also has the option of seat heating and a USB connection. The Citos 40 model (comfort level 4) has a 40 mm layer of foam in the back cushion as well as a 40 mm foam layer in the seat.

The special strength of the Citos lies in its modularity in terms of both its comfort features and width: the various comfort levels – from the plastic model to the luxuriously upholstered version – are available in the two seat widths of 420 mm and 450 mm.

All in all, the Citos fulfils all the requirements of a modern seat in city transport, and actually scores a little higher in all aspects:

The Citos is particularly safe thanks to its special construction: its two-section shell is deliberately designed to deform and not to break in the event of a collision, thus avoiding the formation of sharp edges. Thanks to its intelligent construction, the Citos scores considerably higher in crash tests than comparable products.

Thanks to its lightweight construction, the Citos weighs only 3.9 kg per seat module, including foam and fabric; the version without fabric upholstery weighs only 3.4 kg. As a result, the Citos considerably reduces fuel consumption and in turn CO2  emissions.
 Its modular construction is extremely efficient in its use of raw materials – a further contribution to environmental protection.

Last but not least: despite its varied equipment features, the Citos offers virtually unbeatable value for money. All of this makes it a trend setter among city bus seats.


Avance 1020 coach seat: now even friendlier to the spine and with a new seat occupancy system in the belt

Even a classic has room for improvement: the Avance 1020 coach seat is on display at the IAA with several new features designed to make coach travel that much more pleasant: this model is especially friendly to the back, thanks to the new pneumatic two-chamber system in the lumbar vertebral area, which follows the natural curvature of the spine. This supports the passenger's back, making long sitting more comfortable and generally more pleasant for the back.

Another new feature is the integrated Wi-Fi charger in the table top. Thanks to this wireless charging system for mobile phones and tablets, etc, the annoyance of an impending loss of digital connectivity due to empty batteries and forgotten charger cables is no longer an issue.


The new Avance NG: the 'New Generation' of the classic Avance for coaches

Kiel offers the new Avance NG ('New Generation') in three variations, to satisfy all customer requirements: the Basic version, the Comfort version with a wide head support, and the Luxury version with an adjustable headrest and three-point seat belt. The Comfort and Luxury versions are also available on request with partial or full leather covering. The Basic and Comfort double-seat versions will be on display at the IAA.

All three variations of the Avance are characterised by their new design, updated attachment style, and redesigned head zone. All in all, the new design follows an integrated brand-specific approach, which ensures that all Kiel seat models from intercity bus seats to high-end models are always recognisable.

The new Avance NG radiates a feel-good atmosphere coupled with a sense of modernity, with a harmonic and contemporary look and feel that will enhance any bus – characteristics that every bus operator will appreciate and be only too pleased to offer his discerning customers.

A further plus for the customer: the full range of possibilities offered by individual customising were taken into account during the development stage of this redesigned seat, with the result that the seat can be produced at any time, easily and quickly, in accordance with the customer's wishes.

Moreover, by employing new, more lightweight synthetic materials, Kiel has reduced the weight of the new version of the Avance NG by 10-15%, resulting in increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Overall, great attention has been placed on the use of ecologically friendly materials in the new Avance NG, which simplifies the recycling process. This makes this seat attractive to many markets.

The modular system supports the fast and flexible replacement of all components.

In terms of equipment features, the new model leaves nothing to be desired: a standard feature of all three versions is the USB interface and optional monitor integration. A horizontally attached elastic retainer strip at the back of the seat securely holds a personal mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet etc, which makes watching films much more comfortable.

In addition, the passenger is sure to appreciate the new model's ergonomic features, with new combined back/seat cushion inclination adjustment that further increases seat comfort. 

Despite all the great entertainment features, safety remains an important factor, to which Kiel devotes great attention – a new integrated seat occupancy device built into the seat belt sounds an acoustic signal if the passenger has not fastened his belt.


New 'Rail-In' system floor puts Kiel seats into class M2 vehicles

For the benefit of minibus and sprinter vehicles (vehicle class M2), Franz Kiel GmbH is cooperating with Herrmann Schnierle GmbH in Gersthofen near Augsburg: Kiel markets the new 'Rail-In' system floor developed by Schnierle, which enables Kiel seats to be installed in M2 vehicles. The TÜV-tested system is easy to fit and very sturdy, with a surprisingly low weight.

Further information can be found on the Schnierle website at:


Classic product highlights complete the trade fair presentation

In addition to these new products, Kiel will also be presenting the following highlights at the IAA:

  • The Avance Wheelchair Area Solution makes it possible to move certain bus seats (Avance 1030 and Avance Cinema 1030), mounted on special sliding feet, to the front or back. In about 15 minutes and with a minimum of effort, extra floor space can be created for accommodating wheelchairs. These are secured by safety belts attached to the feet of the sliding seats. The complicated dismantling and reinstallation of multiple seats that used to be necessary is now a thing of the past. Kiel has already fitted this special system to a number of buses.
  • The Avance E Motion stimulates the passenger's epicritic system with its vibration frequency technology. Ultra-fine, virtually imperceptible vibrations in the seat surface trigger neuronal feedback (biofeedback) in the organism, which in turn affects the passenger's mood. The passenger can choose between three different frequency patterns: deep relaxation, increasing subconscious receptiveness (good for learning languages, for example) or increasing concentration. Kiel is the first in the world to employ this technology in bus seats, with the Avance E Motion.
  • The seat occupancy switch, which was developed in cooperation with the company Mayser GmbH & Co. KG from Ulm, enables the driver to see which seats in the bus are unoccupied at any given time. This is particularly useful in double decker buses. In combination with a sensor built into the seat belt, the switch also indicates which passengers have their seat belts fastened and which do not. The seat occupancy switch provides the bus operator with detailed analyses and statistics of the passenger situation for each city, route or stop, enabling strategic passenger and route management. The system consumes little electricity and is characterised by its extreme robustness (up to one million switching cycles).


Open, bright exhibition booth design that invites visitors to gather information and stay a while

Franz Kiel GmbH presents itself at the IAA with a newly designed exhibition booth: the three large white polyhedrons and separate zone especially for the Avance models have a total area of 80 m2  and are an open and inviting space.

They divide the overall area into separate zones for each product group:

  • City area (Citos 10/20 in 420 mm, Citos 30/50 in 450 mm, Ideo 10/40, Lexxo)
  • Intercity area (Avance 1022 and Avance 1030 for vehicle class M2, Ligero 1000, Ligero 3000 R)
  • Coach area (Avance VIP, Avance 1030 and Avance 1030 Cinema on sliding feet, Avance 1020 with new features)
  • Avance New Generation zone (two Avance NG double seats in Basic and Comfort versions)

Franz Kiel GmbH can be found at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hall 11, Stand No. D13.


Further information about the company and its product models is available at www.kiel-sitze.de




About Franz Kiel GmbH

Kiel is a leading manufacturer of seating systems for commercial vehicles and local, regional and intercity public bus and rail transport; it celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015. Kiel offers both overall seating systems and individual, customer-oriented seat solutions for special requirements. The Kiel brand stands for tradition and technical know-how combined with innovation and creativity. Kiel seats are characterised by their premium-quality, sophisticated engineering and modern design, satisfying the most stringent requirements in terms of safety and passenger comfort. The company's objective is to further increase safety and comfort for passengers with its first-class products and to show responsibility to the environment with its innovative developments and efficient production processes. 
 The company was founded in 1945 and is based in Nördlingen (Bavaria); it has worldwide operations and maintains sites in France, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain and the USA. Kiel has approximately 1000 employees across all of its sites. Franz Kiel GmbH is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, IRIS Rev. 02 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2009. Further information is available from www.kiel-sitze.de.



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