Innotrans 2018: Kiel presents optimised models and a range of innovations

Nördlingen, 18/9/2018 – This year’s Innotrans in Berlin, which takes place from 18th to 21st September 2018, will once again see Franz Kiel GmbH present its extensive range of bus seats to suit all requirements. The traditional company – which stands as one of the leading manufacturers of seating systems for commercial vehicles and public transport in Europe – will be presenting several classic and new products for the regional, local and intercity segments on its newly designed open exhibition stand. They all have one thing in common: they combine quality, efficiency, individuality and safety with innovative ideas and attractive design in true Kiel style.

Lightweight, modern, adjustable: the Lifeline – now available with a central spar

The Lifeline train seat is an impressive new product from Kiel, which will be presented at the Innotrans as a double seat with the new central spar. Thanks to this innovation, benches containing multiple seats can be created, for example as a longitudinal bench in trams.

Lifeline impresses with its beautiful shape and timeless design. The combination of die-cast aluminium parts and profiles represents another clear plus point. It means that, despite its metal structure, it remains very lightweight yet robust and long-lasting. High fire protection is a matter of course for the Lifeline. Hand holds, handrail connectors and stand assists can be easily attached.

The back-to-back screw mounting of the opposing seats is highly dirt-resistant thanks to the additional aluminium profile. A range of seat widths can be achieved, including seating for mothers with children.

The modern, lightweight construction (compliant with the new Euronorm Level EN 45545 to HL3 inclusive) ensures a high level of efficiency.

Another advantage is the fact that the rear contour of the Lifeline matches that of the Centra seat. This means that the Lifeline can be used for refitting existing vehicles in line with the new EN45545.


Natural, hygienic, versatile: the Basel

Basel is a minimalist wooden shell seat fitted to a tubular frame support structure. It impresses thanks to its clear lines, lightness and hygienic properties. It is also very easy to clean and offers excellent protection against vandalism and graffiti.

The width of the Basel can be easily and individually adapted in line with customer requirements. Hand holds and rails can also be mounted in a number of ways. Only folding designs are not possible with Basel.

This beautifully shaped wooden seat also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of aesthetics: individual customer requirements can be easily accommodated thanks to the wide variety of colour and pattern options for the HPL panels used in the top layer of the Basel seat and backrest.


Versatile, beautifully shaped and for use across Europe: the new Edgeline concept seat

With the exhibition highlight Edgeline, Kiel is presenting a new, efficient and modular seating concept at the Innotrans. The seat has been specially designed for European train operators and, thanks to its modular design, can be used in various segments, from first class to second class regional transport and local transport (tram and metro).

Edgeline can be used as a double or triple seat in regional transport, and as a double seat or bench in local transport. The first class version offers a wider headrest and comfortable cushioning.

Edgeline impresses across all versions thanks to its characteristic design with edges, chamfers and parallels. Add-on parts such as handles, tables and armrests fit harmoniously into the seat design. The model comprises two seat cushions and a steel frame, which allows for various seat widths.

Last but not least: Edgeline offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio.


Now with plastic pads: the Centra AL

The tried-and-tested Central AL seat is now available with a plastic insert made of the SMC (sheet moulding compound) material with PI-SMC (power inmould) as an alternative to cushioning. This option makes the seat more durable, more dirt-resistant and more resistant to vandalism. It also ensures that the Centra AL fulfils the EN45545 flammability standard.


Luxurious, comfortable and perfectly equipped: the Comfortline

The Comfortline, which has been especially developed for use in long-distance trains, is on display at Innotrans in its revised version. This features its own waste container, Braille for the seat displays and aisle lighting. The base of the seat has been weight-optimised and is considerably lighter in the new edition.

All in all, Comfortline is distinguished by its very attractive and ultra-modern design. Its ergonomic shape, electronic seat adjustment, innovative spring system and high-quality cushioning guarantee excellent seating comfort. The extra-wide headrest and large headrest sides offer protection from the eyes of others and create a private space. The various versions and luxurious features tick every box and can be easily implemented thanks to the modular system.


Even more comfortable and now with swivel: the improved Match G2

Match G2 is a modular passenger seating system for regional and long-distance trains. It comes in a range of variants and with numerous features, and boasts an attractive, modern design.

This train seat impresses thanks to its excellent seating comfort and ergonomics. This is owed to the specially shaped, adjustable back and seat cushion, and the headrest, which represents a fully upholstered separate unit and is screwed into place with hidden screw attachments. It provides excellent comfort for the head region. In addition, a new additional sprung base serves to further increase comfort levels. The cushion widths have been utilised to their optimum and fulfil the TSI PRM standard. All upholstered parts can be easily replaced if required.

The proportion of flammable materials has once again been reduced in this edition so the seat now meets the requirements of the EN 45545 flammability standard.

This seat also offers a further key benefit: the back has a very thin structure so the Eco version permits small seat distances to provide the space required by wheelchairs (in line with the TSI PRM standard).

Match G2 will be presented with a newly developed swivel base at Innotrans. This makes it possible to always set up the seat so it is facing the direction of travel, which is a common requirement in Asian countries.


Crash-proof, durable and universal: the Vario Relax 3000 with cantilever
 The long-lasting and robust seat Vario Relax 3000 was specially designed for daily use on trams and metros. It is now available with high backs and cantilever for the three-seat configuration – a special innovation, because the crash requirements must still be met.

The Vario Relax 3000 consists of a self-supporting, robust aluminium structure. It is extremely stable and crash-proof (in line with GM/RT 2100) and, thanks to its metal structure, is also fire-resistant (BS 6853 cat 1b).

The seats and backrests fit into the side aluminium profiles without a gap, so the cushioning reaches right up to the profile edge. This makes it possible to create a gap-free arrangement of several seats pushed together, without there being any space at the bottom of the backrests. This, in turn, fulfils the requirements of a “pickpocket guard”; in other words, protection against pickpockets from behind.

The separate cushioning for the headrest, back and seat cushion is affixed using a push-fit system so they are quick and easy to replace. The cushion frames are made from fire-resistant laminated wood. Customers can choose between a range of options for the seat cover material. All metal components are powder-coated; they are available in all RAL colours.


A train full of innovations: Franz Kiel GmbH is a partner in the “Ideenzug” (Ideas Train) project

This year, the south entrance to Innotrans will be home to something quite special: the “Ideenzug” innovation project, presented by the DB Regio in cooperation with various partners. Franz Kiel GmbH is one of these partners.

The “Ideenzug” presents the regional train of the future: visitors can take a look inside the life-size model of a double-decker carriage. It measures 27 metres in length, three metres in width and just under five metres in height and brings 22 innovative theme worlds and services to life. These range from a gym to a premium office cabin to sleeping berths and a public-viewing area.

Kiel contributed to the “Ideenzug” with its “RegioDiner” and “Economy & Lightweight Seats” modules, and is thus providing an insight into seating concepts of the future.

The aim of the “Ideenzug” is to showcase the wealth of options and innovations, and to convince buyers to take new ideas into account when they call for tenders. Furthermore, the “Ideenzug” makes it possible to subject these concepts to intensive testing, so they can be integrated into the development of new generations of vehicles and redesign concepts for existing vehicles in the future.


“Driven by innovation”, for the exhibition stand too: Kiel presents its seats in a totally new environment

Franz Kiel GmbH is presenting a totally new exhibition stand at the Innotrans: it represents the inside of a train and features large emotive graphics and images. As a result, the seats can be experienced in a very realistic setting and in an attractive environment. The new exhibition stand is split up into three areas, based on the product segments:

  • Regional transport with the models Match IV, Match G2, Vario Relax 3000 and Trend
  • Local transport with seats for trams and metros
  • Intercity transport with the models Comfortline and Match G2, for both first and second class

Franz Kiel GmbH can be found in Hall 1.1 at Stand 229.


Franz Kiel GmbH

Kiel is Europe’s leading manufacturer of seating systems for commercial vehicles and public transportation, including seating solutions for buses and trains, at the local, regional, and intercity levels. Kiel celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015. Kiel provides both complete seating systems and customised seating solutions for unique applications. The Kiel brand stands for the combination of tradition and technical expertise with innovation and creativity. Kiel seats are distinguished by their premium quality, sophisticated technology and modern design, and fulfil the highest requirements in terms of safety and passenger comfort. The company’s objective is to produce high-quality products to increase the safety and comfort of passengers and to fulfil its environmental responsibility through innovative developments and efficient manufacturing processes.

Founded in 1945, the global company is based in Nördlingen (Bavaria) and has offices in France, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain and the USA. Kiel has around 1,300 members of staff working across its offices. Franz Kiel GmbH is certified in line with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and IRIS Rev. 02. Further information can be found at www.kiel-sitze.de.


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