The perfect seat for every bus and every passenger: Franz Kiel GmbH presents tried-and-tested models and new products to suit all requirements at the IAA 2018

Nördlingen, 20/9/2018 – This year’s IAA in Hanover, which takes place from 20th to 27th September 2018, will once again see Franz Kiel GmbH present its extensive range of bus seats to suit all requirements. The traditional company is presenting its tried-and-tested products together with updated models in the local (“City” product line), regional (“Intercity” product line) and intercity (“Coach” product line) travel segments at its modern, open exhibition stand.
Kiel sets great store by modern, brand-specific design and increased ergonomics across all its models. The manufacturer fulfils the crucial desire for greater efficiency through the use of modern materials to reduce weight to the absolute minimum, while innovative features live up to the demands of digitalisation.

Versatile, safe and extremely lightweight in city traffic: the Citos

Citos is a true all-rounder for local travel and comes in a range of different comfort levels: The simplest variant is the Citos 10 (comfort level 1) with a plastic insert without a fabric cover. The Citos 20 (comfort level 2) has a fabric cover without foam. The Citos 30 (comfort level 3) offers 10 mm foam in the back and 15 mm foam on the seat. This model is also available with heated seats and a USB port. The Citos 40 (comfort level 4) variant offers 40 mm foam in the backrest and 40 mm foam on the seat.

All four comfort levels are available in both seat widths of 420 mm and 450 mm.

The special construction of Citos makes it especially safe: the two-part shell has been designed to deform in the event of impact to ensure it does not shatter and create dangerous, sharp edges. Thanks to this intelligent engineering, the Citos seat easily outperforms comparable products in crash tests.

Despite its versatile features, this model offers an almost unbeatable price-performance ratio. As a result, Citos is a real trendsetter among city bus seats.


New fold-down armrests to match various models

The fold-down armrests for the Citos, Ligero, Lexxo and Ideo models are a new addition. They are being presented at the exhibition stand on one of the Citos models. The armrest is of a very high quality and is extremely robust. Despite this, it has a very lightweight structure and weighs just

400 g. The design is both innovative and ergonomic and fits perfectly with the shape of the backrest. It is produced using recyclable materials in line with ISO 14001:2015 and fulfils EU norm ECE R118-2.


The Avance X: the updated model of the classic Avance for coaches

With the AVANCE X, the updated model of the popular AVANCE seat, Kiel is demonstrating how a classic product can be adapted perfectly to the requirements of our time. This is already evident in the name: the additional “X” stands for the modern, dynamic and harmonious lines of the seat. Edges represent another important design element: they often include so-called chamfers, or angled surfaces.

The AVANCE X also impresses with its high passenger safety. Intelligent metallic components in the back and cushion absorb much of the force in the event of an impact. When it comes to ergonomics, the lines and construction methods of this model successfully cover the requirements of a wide variety of passenger sizes.

One special feature is the combined adjustment of the back and seat cushion: when the backrest is tilted backwards, the seat cushion moves forwards slightly and tilts downwards at the back by two degrees; this ensures that the passenger does not feel as if they are slipping out of the front of the seat.

The AVANCE X seat meets the requirement for the lowest possible weight, without compromising on the quality of the fittings and passenger safety, by using new materials, such as lighter, modern plastics: It only weighs around 26 kg including all the add-on parts. This has a noticeable effect on fuel consumption and is therefore an important economic and environmental consideration. Furthermore, the seat is fully recyclable.

Many extras and optional design details round off the AVANCE X. Thanks to its special technology, the seat provides extremely high modularity and allows for a variety of individual design variants.

The AVANCE X is available in three comfort levels:

Basic: Simple fabric upholstery with leather headrest sides and head piece; fixed headrest; model-specific table and newspaper net option; handles with coat hook; and three-point belt on the outward side

Comfort: Standard upholstery or optional leather upholstery on the seat cushion and back; wide and comfortable leather head piece; wide elegant table; newspaper net; rubber clamp fitting on the rear of the headrest (“Smart Fix”); optional built-in, height-adjustable three-point-belt; optional inductive charging coil (WiFi charging) in the head piece

Luxury: Opulent luxury full-leather upholstery; wide head piece with movable and height-adjustable headrest; newspaper net; table and “Smart Fix” as with the “Comfort” version; optional USB socket and monitor; optional built-in, height-adjustable three-point belt; optional inductive charging coil (WiFi charging) in the head piece


The Avance X Comfort and Avance X Luxury are both being presented at the IAA as double seats.

Premium quality and extremely versatile: the new Verso folding seat

A folding seat that is extremely versatile and high quality: with the new Verso model, Kiel has the perfect solution for all occasions in a city bus. This type of seat has been designed with the rear entrance area in mind and creates additional seats in the open pram and wheelchair area.

The modular system allows for a design in six variants – from a lean support to a comfortable folding seat, which can be locked up in rush hour when additional space is needed. A range of features are available, including a mechanical and electric lock, and a warning light.

Its low weight means that the seat meets the highest requirements in terms of efficiency and impresses overall with an extremely good price-performance ratio. In addition, the ergonomic backrest, the pioneering design and the high-quality workmanship contribute to its appeal. Naturally, the model meets the current ECE R118-2/ 3 European flammability standard.



Verso 1: Lean support

Verso 2: Folding seat without backrest

Verso 3: Folding seat with small backrest

Verso 4: Folding seat with large backrest

Verso 4+: Folding seat with large backrest, registrable.

Verso Rush Hour: Folding seat with large backrest and light, electric locking


New for the Ligero 1000: multimedia console

A multimedia console is now available for the Ligero 1000 model. It is a response to the high use of smartphones and other mobile devices during bus journeys and makes this as pleasant as possible: a beautifully shaped, semi-circular holder for different-sized mobile devices from various manufacturers has been affixed to the back of the seat. The device can be placed securely in the holder so the passenger can watch films in comfort, for example. The console comes with a USB charging port as standard. A range of optional features are also available, including an inductive charger, which allows for wireless charging; an LED light; a so-called “bell push” function, which allows passengers to signal to stop the bus directly from the console; and two practical coat hooks.

New seat occupation system from the Dilax company

Kiel is presenting a new seat occupation system from the Dilax company on the Avance 1030 and Avance 1020 models at the IAA. The system is flexible and can be adapted for use with various different seating concepts and models. It can be installed both in new vehicles and as part of vehicle modernisations. The system comprises a sensor mat and an occupation sensor on every seat, as well as a central control unit for each vehicle. Thanks to a long-lasting battery and wireless data transfer from the sensor to the control unit, there is no need for long cables within the vehicle; only the central control unit is connected to the on-board computer via an interface using the existing Ethernet structure.

This ultra-modern system provides the driver with real-time information about the current occupancy of the vehicle, and also uses a display to show passengers boarding the vehicle where there are free seats – or, if the system forwards the current occupancy status to the respective vehicle information systems, passengers can see it at the bus stop or on their smartphones.

The system offers another key benefit: the corresponding software (DILAX Citisense) provides useful analyses of the occupancy data, for example at certain times and on certain days on different routes. This can be extremely helpful when it comes to planning resources and maintenance intervals. Furthermore, the software is able to use empirical values to make predictions about seat occupancy under certain conditions, or to combine reservation data with actual occupancy rates to offer empty reserved seats to other passengers.


Tried-and-tested highlights round off the exhibits

In addition to these new products, Kiel is also presenting some familiar highlights at the IAA:

  • with the Avance Wheelchair Area Solution, specific seats on the bus (Avance 1030 and Avance Cinema 1030) can be moved forwards and backwards on sliding feet. This makes it possible to easily create space for wheelchairs in just 15 minutes. These are then secured with safety belts mounted to the feet of the moveable seats. The previous solution, namely removing and reinstalling multiple seats, is thus rendered a thing of the past. Kiel has already fitted a range of buses with this special solution.
  • The “Rail-In” floor system is bringing Kiel seats into M2 class vehicles: The Franz Kiel GmbH is working together with the Herrmann Schnierle GmbH company in Gersthofen near Augsburg in the minibus and sprinter segments: Kiel is marketing the new “Rail-In” floor system, which was developed by Schnierle and which allows Kiel seats to be installed in M2 vehicles too. The TÜV-tested system is easy to install, very stable and yet very persuasive thanks to the low weight.

Please visit the Schnierle website for more information:



Open, bright exhibition stand invites visitors to find out more and stay a while

The Franz Kiel GmbH exhibition stand at the IAA is bright and open: the three large white polyhedra and another area just for the Avance X models invite visitors to find out more and stay a while in the 80 m2 exhibition stand.

They provide a structure to the range, with an area dedicated to each sector:

  • City segment (Citos 10/20 in 420 mm, Citos 30/50 in 450 mm, Ideo 10/40, Lexxo)
  • Intercity segment (Avance 1022 and Avance 1030 for vehicle class M2, Ligero 1000, Ligero 3000 R)
  • Coach segment (Avance VIP, Avance 1030 and Avance 1030 Cinema on sliding feet, Avance 1020 with new features)
  • Avance X segment(Avance X Luxury double seat, Avance X Comfort double seat)

Franz Kiel GmbH can be found in Hall 11 at Stand E12 at the IAA for commercial vehicles.


Franz Kiel GmbH

Kiel is Europe’s leading manufacturer of seating systems for commercial vehicles and public transportation, including seating solutions for buses and trains, at the local, regional, and intercity levels. Kiel celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015. Kiel provides both complete seating systems and customised seating solutions for unique applications. The Kiel brand stands for the combination of tradition and technical expertise with innovation and creativity. Kiel seats are distinguished by their premium quality, sophisticated technology and modern design, and fulfil the highest requirements in terms of safety and passenger comfort. The company’s objective is to produce high-quality products to increase the safety and comfort of passengers and to fulfil its environmental responsibility through innovative developments and efficient manufacturing processes.

Founded in 1945, the global company is based in Nördlingen (Bavaria) and has offices in France, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Macedonia and the USA. Kiel has around 1,300 members of staff working across its offices. Franz Kiel GmbH is certified in line with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and IRIS Rev. 02. Further information can be found at www.kiel-sitze.de.


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