From elegant city bus seat made of wood to luxury seat with vibration frequency technology: Franz Kiel GmbH presents innovations at the Busworld 2015

Newly-designed trade fair booth with established models and many innovations

Nördlingen, 16.10.2015 – The mission of Franz Kiel GmbH is to provide the right bus seats for all application areas. The company, which is celebrating their 70th anniversary this year, is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of seating systems for commercial vehicles and public passenger transport. Based on experience, expertise and innovative ideas, Kiel develops and manufactures seats which leave no wishes open with regard to quality, efficiency, comfort and safety.
At the Busworld in Kortrijk, Belgium, from 16.9.-21.10.2015, Franz Kiel GmbH is not only presenting their wide product range of established models, but also their new equipment details and seat innovations, which range from elegant new city bus seats made of wood to luxury seats with vibration frequency technology.

Elegant and sustainable: the Taxus city bus seat

The Taxus seat, made of wood, is an innovation for city buses. It not only impresses visually thanks to its modern, minimalistic shape, but also convinces through tangible values such as low cost and a third less weight in comparison to plastic seats. Thanks to various decors and the possibility of “customising” the seat pan, the Taxus is adaptable to individual customer wishes. Wood as a regenerative material makes the Taxus particularly sustainable, and at the end of the service life of this seat, Kiel will take the wooden seat pans back again and recycle them. A further plus: The Taxus seats are made in Germany.

Robust, environmentally friendly, versatile and extremely light in city transport: The Citos

The new Citos, which is equally at home in trams as it is in city buses, is a true all-rounder for city transport. It meets the demands placed on a modern seat in city transport – and even exceeds the expectations slightly in all aspects:
Thanks to its lightweight construction, each Citos seat module weighs only 3.9 kg including foam and fabric; the version without fabric upholstery weighs only 3.4 kg. As a result, the Citos achieves a substantial reduction in fuel consumption and therefore in CO2 emissions. Its modular design utilises raw materials as efficiently as possible – this is also a contribution towards environmental protection.
A further strength is its modularity: The Citos seat comes in different versions, from the complete plastic version to the luxurious upholstered version with 40 mm back and seat padding respectively, and two seat section widths (420 mm and 450 mm).
The seat pan of the Citos is secured against breakage thanks to special reinforcements – and is therefore extremely robust. Furthermore, the seat is fireproof and equipped with vandalism protection.
The minimal number of spare parts makes the Citos extremely economical and simple to maintain. Its ergonomic shape ensures maximum passenger comfort, and its new frame and material concept reduces the risk of injury in case of an accident.
The Citos is also attractive to look at: The design combines classic shaping with innovative lines, and the possibility to combine different colours sets modern accentuations.
Last but not least: Despite its diverse equipment possibilities, the Citos provides an almost unbeatably favourable price-performance ratio.
All of this makes it a trendsetter amongst city bus seats.

A new dimension of relaxation in coaches: The Avance [E] Motion with vibration frequency technology

A particularly pioneering model now enriches our luxurious Avance line for coaches: With its vibration frequency technology (Campaton technology), the Avance [E] Motion stimulates the epicritic system: Minimal, hardly noticeable vibrations in the seat area evoke a neuronal feedback (bio-feedback) in our organism and therefore have an effect on our mood. Passengers can select between three different frequency patterns: Deep relaxation, stimulation of subconscious receptiveness (favourable, for example, for learning languages) or an increase in concentration ability.
The vibration frequency technology is applied in receptive music therapy, in which music is not only detected via the ear, but also via the whole body. With the Avance [E] Motion, Kiel is the first to use this technology for bus seats worldwide.

Warm and comfortable or refreshingly cool – the Avance Climate can do both

Yet another innovation is the Avance Climate: In best “two in one” style, it provides you with seat heating and ventilation. With the Avance Climate, every passenger can find their individual comfort zone temperature.

Taking a wheelchair made easy: the “Avance Wheelchair Area Solution”

A trend from the USA which will become increasingly important in our country: The so-called “Handicapped Areas” in transportation are gaining in significance. For this purpose, Franz Kiel GmbH has developed a special mechanism, the “Avance Wheelchair Area Solution” with which certain seats in the bus can be slid forwards and backwards on rails. In this way, free space can be created with little effort in only 15 minutes, which provides an area for wheelchairs, and these are secured using safety belts which are attached to the feet of the sliding seats. As a result, the previous inconvenient dismantling and re-installation of multiple seats is now a thing of the past. Kiel has already equipped a series of buses with this special solution.

Passenger management for advanced users with a seat occupancy switch

Together with the company Mayser GmbH & Co. KG from Ulm, Kiel has developed the first seat occupancy switch for coach seats: On a display, the driver can see at any time which seats on the bus are still free. This is particularly practical for double-decker buses. In combination with a sensor in the belt, the switch indicates which passengers are buckled in and which are not. Naturally, the switch is installed so that comfort is not impaired.
For strategic passenger and route management, the seat occupancy switch provides the bus company with a detailed evaluation and statistics regarding seat occupancy, and therefore the passenger situation depending on the city, route or station.
This requires little electricity and distinguishes itself through its particular robustness (up to 1 million switching cycles).

Innovative, open and inviting trade fair booth design

Franz Kiel GmbH is presenting itself with a completely new trade fair booth design at the Busworld: Four big, white polyhedrons provide an open and inviting effect, and structure the product range by each dedicating themselves to certain areas.


Franz Kiel GmbH can be found at the Busworld in Hall 1, Booth 131

The following models are on display:
Avance family (1030,1020,1030 Slider, VIP, 1022/3010, Avance [E] Motion, Avance Climate)
Intercity bus: Interline, Ligero 3000R and 1000
City bus: Ideo, Esos, Lexxo, Taxus, Citos

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