With the new Avance X generation of travel seats, Kiel is setting new standards for bus seats

• The Kiel classic Avance is to be re-released as the new Avance X
• The state-of-the-art design, many extras, perfect ergonomics, high passenger safety and lightweight construction make the new Avance X a real hit

Nördlingen, 19.10.2017 - For 15 years it has been a popular classic that has now been installed in thousands of buses for a total of over one million times: the Avance seat from Kiel. With the new version, the "Avance X", Kiel is now showing how a classic can be perfectly adapted to the demands of our time: At Busworld in Kortrijk, Belgium, from 20 to 25 October 2017, the traditional German company based in Nördlingen, Germany, will be presenting the Avance X in the comfort levels "Basic" and "Comfort" to the public for the first time. In addition, there will be the "Luxury" comfort level.The Avance X boasts an ultra-modern design and many extras, high ergonomics and passenger safety as well as low weight and, thanks to its special technical concept, also easily meets individual customer requirements.

The eye also makes the trip: a modern bus seat with dynamic lines

The addition "X" to the name "Avance X" is no coincidence: This is where the modern, dynamic lines of the seat are manifested in its name. For the Avance X is presented in the formal language that currently dominates automotive and sporting goods design. The most important element of this trend is a dynamic, sporty, intersecting line layout in X and Y form. But parallel stripes, cell and honeycomb patterns and polygons which merge into one another and overlap to form new geometric shapes are further aspects of this design trend. Another important design element is edges, which are often provided with chamfers, i.e. bevelled surfaces, as design elements.The Avance X reflects these trends in its appearance: What is pleasing is its harmonious yet dynamic overall line management, which at the same time shows a "clear edge". Circumferential bevels visually and haptically soften the edges and yield attractive effects when light falls on them.It goes without saying that the design blends seamlessly with the function, for example in the grips with integrated clothes hooks specially designed for this seat, which also has a chamfer in the top cavity of the handle shell to provide space for the insertion of an optional USB socket.

Seat elements such as grips, armrests, tables and newspaper netting have been reworked and modernised, but are still subordinated to the overall design of the Avance X as a conceptual unity. This corresponds to the new design line, which runs through all Kiel seats from the intercity bus to the high-end VIP seat. It is a brand recognition symbol and at the same time ensures that the passenger is also visually attracted to his means of transport and thus feels comfortable on the journey.


Ergonomics and passenger safety

The Avance X model leaves nothing to be desired in the areas of ergonomics and passenger safety. In the Comfort version, the Avance X has a fixed headrest , which is particularly wide and comfortable. With the Luxury comfort level version (not exhibited at the trade fair) this wide, comfortable headrest also becomes mobile and can be adapted to different body sizes. And it guarantees particularly high protection: Smart metal components in the back and seat cushion provide a very high level of energy absorption in the event of a collision.

In terms of ergonomics, the Avance X also covers the needs of passengers of different sizes very well thanks to its lines and intelligent design. A special feature is the combined back-seat cushion adjustment facility: If the backrest is tilted backwards, the seat cushion moves forward slightly and simultaneously tilts backwards by two degrees so that the passenger does not feel he is sliding out of the seat.


Lightweight construction ensures economies

The Avance X also perfectly implements the important aspiration of "lightweight construction" without compromising on the quality of the equipment or passenger safety.

Including all add-on parts, the Avance X offers a weight saving of around 10% compared to its predecessor - and weighs only around 26 kg on average, including the add-on parts. This is an important economic as well as environmental advantage, since it has a direct impact on fuel consumption. The weight reduction is made possible by the use of new materials such as lighter materials made of modern plastics. This also makes the seat sustainable and recyclable.


No problem: for every customer the individually fitting Avance X

Already during the development of the Avance X, Kiel attached great importance to designing the seat in such a way that customer-specific personalisation can be carried out as easily, quickly and effortlessly as possible. This is made possible by the new seat technology concept, which significantly improves the customisation options. It enables the production of a seat tailored to customer requirements without major additional investments or development costs. This ultimately benefits the customers and makes the Avance X model attractive in this respect as well.


Avance X in three comfort levels

The Avance X will be ready for series production in three comfort levels from 2018.

The Avance X basic version with the corresponding extensions has a simple fabric upholstery with leather cheeks and headboard.The headrest is fixed in a slender line upwards. The seat has the same table and newspaper netting options as for all Avance X models, but model-specific grips with clothes hooks.

In addition to the standard upholstery, the Avance X model in the Comfort version also features leather upholstery of the seat cushion and backrest and a wider, comfortable leather headrest.The seat has a seat belt, a wide, comfortable, shapely table, a newspaper net and a rubber band on the back of the headrest ("Smart Fix"), which allows the attachment of personal items such as smartphones or glasses.

The Avance X model in the Luxury version has elaborate luxury upholstery with full leather and a wide head section with a movable and height-adjustable headrest.The integrated three-point belt, which will be available in this version at a later date, is height-adjustable. Newspaper net, table and "Smart Fix" are just as much a part of the Comfort version. On request, a USB socket and a monitor can be integrated. With regard to questions and upholstery fabrics and leathers, customers can choose from three different options and individual solutions.


About Franz Kiel GmbH

Kiel is Europe's leading manufacturer of seat systems for commercial and public vehicles in local, regional and tourist transport by bus or train and celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015. Kiel offers both complete seat systems and individual customer-oriented seat solutions for special requirements. The Kiel brand stands for a combination of tradition and technical know-how with innovation and creativity. Kiel seats are distinguished by their premium quality, sophisticated technology and modern design and meet the highest standards of safety and passenger comfort. The company's aim is to further increase safety and comfort for passengers with first-class products and meet its responsibility for the environment through innovative developments and efficient manufacturing processes.The company, founded in 1945 and based in Nördlingen (Bavaria), operates worldwide and has locations in France, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Macedonia and the USA. Kiel employs a total of approx. 1,200 persons across its locations. Franz Kiel GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and IRIS Rev. 02. Further information is available at www.kiel-sitze.de.


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