Franz Kiel Group and Suzhou Industrial Park ARSALE Automotive Products Co. Ltd. create a Joint Venture in China.

Nördlingen, Suzhou 25th of September 2018 –Franz Kiel Group and Suzhou Industrial Park ARSALE Automotive Products Co. Ltd. create a Joint Venture in China.
Based on its strategy of increasing the global footprint the German KIEL will create together with SUZHOU INDUSTRIAL PARK ARSALE AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS CO. LTD. (short “ARSALE”) a Joint Venture company in the People´s Republic of China (PRC).

It is foreseen, that Kiel and Arsale will briefly manufacture in Suzhou (China, next to Shanghai) the complete scope of bus seats in particular for the Chinese and Asian market. For this purpose the JV will manufacture locally as well existing seat systems made today by Arsale as well as products made by Kiel today. The most modern Engineering- and Production technology will be combined with the highly competitive Chinese cost structures and lead to create reliable and state-of-the-art products on the highest quality level for the local markets.This Joint Venture company will further promote the expansion strategy of Kiel and together with a strong Chinese partner this will be the establishment of a highly competitive company in the largest market worldwide of bus manufacturers.


About Franz Kiel Group

Kiel is Europe´s leading manufacturer of passenger seating systems for busses and railway cars and celebrated in the year 2015 it´s 75th anniversary.

Kiel offers both, standardized seating systems and customized systems for exceptional applications.The Kiel brands stands for the combination of tradition and technical know-how on a high level of innovation and creativity.

Kiel seats are characterized by premium quality, sophisticated technology and modern design and meet the highest demands towards safety and passenger comfort.

The goal of the company is to permanently increase the level of it´s first class products and to take the responsibility for the environment by always using innovative development methods and efficient manufacturing processes in order to create sustainable products.

 Kiel was founded in 1945 in Nördlingen (Bavaria, Germany) where it also has it´s headquarter today. It has subsidiaries in France, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Macedonia, USA and a Joint Venture in Russia. Kiel has about 1.300 employees worldwide.


About Arsale

Arsale manufactures, since 2002, seating systems for distinguished bus manufacturers in china.

Based in Suzhou (next to Shanghai, People´s Republic of China) Arsale manufactures passenger seating systems and driver seats.

It´s scope of products consists of seatings systems for all classes of busses starting from City buses up to Coaches. The retaining amount of Arsale’s products is about 6,000,000 seat places in the global market.

A long experience in the manufacturing of a major part of the subassemblies and a high production depth are the characteristics of Arsale and distinguish them as a strong and reliable partner in the Chinese and Asian markets.

Arsale is part of the CHANGZHOU BOWEN ELECTROMECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY GROUP, which manufactures beside seat systems also further interior elements of busses and railway cars.



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